• 2021-22 Remote Learning During Quarantine:
    ONLINE REMOTE INSTRUCTION – Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning During Regular School Hours

The Online Instruction Model

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    In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak/surge wherein the Superintendent of Schools in consultation with the pertinent authorities mandates quarantining for entire class(es), school(s) or the District, the Online Remote Instruction model utilizing synchronous teaching with the child’s teacher(s) online described below will be initiated. 

    • Students receive instruction remotely 5 days per week (excluding holidays) 
    • Related services are provided remotely 
    • Social emotional learning and supports are integrated into the instructional program and are delivered remotely

    Please Note These Useful Resources:

  • Important Information:

    • A computer or laptop and Internet access are required for instruction. If your child does not have a computer, please contact your child’s school. 
    • Online Remote Instruction is provided using Microsoft Teams and Seesaw. 
    • Students must log onto Teams or Seesaw at the beginning of their regular school day (7:35AM or 7:45AM or 8:35AM). 
    • The District’s Code of Conduct must be followed at all times when participating in remote instruction.

    Online Instruction for Entire Class(es) or School(s) or District Closure:
    School Day Schedule and Learning Time

    Collectively, instruction shall be designed to facilitate the student’s attainment of the New York State New York State standards, Yonkers Public Schools Power Standards and subject curricula following the existing schedule. The educational program should utilize all available methodologies and modalities to maximize learning. These learning experiences include, but are not limited to, synchronous and asynchronous instruction; completing online modules or tasks; viewing instructional videos; responding via Microsoft Teams or Seesaw to teachers and/or peers; conducting research; or completing projects. All schools will clearly communicate instructional schedules following the District’s communication plan found in the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section of 2021-2022 Opening Plan.

    Key Terms

    • Asynchronous Learning - a series of learning events that are not happening at the same time (e.g., a student completing research independently while a teacher provides phonics instruction to a different group of students, students completing an assignment from any of the programs housed in Clever such as Achieve 3000)
    • Synchronous Learning – a series of learning events that are happening at the same time (e.g., reading as a group and engaging in a discussion about what is being read)