• Welcome to Mrs. Marco's 2020-21 Third Grade Class!




    Important Message! 

    Families will have the opportunity to request changes between hybrid tracks and from remote to hybrid, as follows:

    • 10/19-10/23 – Requests. Families can complete an online track change request form.  For families with no internet access, they can submit their request to school personnel, who can use it to complete the online form on their behalf. We will send the link to the online form and attach the paper form in an upcoming email.  This form will close Friday, 10/23, at 5pm.
    • 10/26-10/30 – Analysis. Central Office will share the requests for each school with principals so they can analyze if any the implications for class size, and whether any requests must be denied.  Transportation will plan for rerouting.
    • 11/2-11/6 – Communication. Schools will confirm the changed track with families or explain any denied requests. 
    • 11/9 – Implementation. Approved track changes will be input into PowerSchool and students will receive remote or hybrid instruction accordingly. Rerouted bus routes will begin.