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Mrs. Neves



Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. I will be your child's 8th grade teacher this year assigned to the classes 8-3 or 8-4. Your child will be with me for all two core subjects; Math and Social Studies. I know the past few years have not been the easiest but I am hoping and anticipating that this is going to be a great year! =) 

Work assigned in class will also be available on Microsoft Teams. This is the platform the district has been using for the past several years. 

My supply list is located on the main page. 


If you ever have questions, concerns or information that you find will be valuable to your child’s education, please do not hesitate and contact me. The best way to contact me is by email; however, you may call the Main Office and leave a message. 

Email:           Phone: 914-376-8595  

We will also be using Remind in class. This is where I will be sending homework, events, and any important information that you will need to know regarding the classroom or school. Please ensure you are checking your messages frequently for updates. I have sent the code to sign up for my class with your child. 





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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  • Week of 4/6-4/10 Activity 

    You are going to make a Week Journal of what life is like in during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

    What we are living in this current time, it is living History. We will all be able to tell generations after us what happened. Schools closed for so far two weeks, all sports cancelled their seasons until this is over, stores closed down unless they were considered “essential” (did you know what essential meant before this?), everyone was asked to quarantine and practice a shelter in place, which until this time no one had heard of. We are asked to only go out to get things we need such as the grocery store. And worst of all your teacher is asking you to complete work during this time...can you believe her?!!

    I want you to keep a Journal throughout this entire time we are home. Whether you type it, or hand write it is completely up to you! Record events, day to day activity, fears and feelings. Add pictures or drawings if you want. Make a video if you really want (parental permission!) Interview your parents/siblings or anyone else living with your during this time.

    When this is all over, I want you to store it in a safe place. You will share this with your children/grandchildren one day! (yes, even though that seems YEARS away) You will be making a PRIMARY SOURCE OF YOUR OWN HISTORY.













    Ms. Neves’ Supply List

    Fall 2019-2020


    1 backpack

    1 3 inch binder

    10 one subject notebooks (preferably marble notebooks) 

    6 folders (DURABLE)

    6 boxes of pencils (more will be needed as the school year progresses)

    6 boxes of blue/black pens (more will be needed as the school year progresses)

    Pencil box to hold supplies

    Pencil Sharpener

    4 boxes of tissues

    2 rolls of Paper Towels

    1 container of Clorox or Lysol wipes

    4 bottles of hand sanitizer

    2 boxes of eraser tops

    1 Box of highlighters

    1 box of Crayons

    1 box of Colored Pencils

    1 box of Markers

    Several packages of post-it notes

    Index cards

    4 packages of loose leaf paper

    White out


    Please try to have all supplies on the first day of school.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 

    Thank you!


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