• School Theme

    Community and Family Connection - A Recipe for Success

    • Family Connection informs instruction by building on the children’s first teacher, their parents and recognizes that families are an important school resource
      • Dynamic PTA collaborates on activities to support the instructional program
      • Parents and community partners are an integral part of the students’ education and future success
    • Communication and Collaboration through community and family themes are used to help children expand their contributions as productive members of society through positive relationships, accountability, empathy, friendship and paying it forward.
    • Academic Skill Development focus on students taking ownership of their learning using higher order thinking and problem-solving skills are part of inquiry-based learning where students explore the diverse relationships between their world and community
      • Students’ projects and activities encourage community building and leadership, public speaking and implement acts of kindness
      • Current Events are integrated throughout the curriculum to develop mindful citizens who understand world events
    • Holistic Learning connect the arts, science, technology, math, social studies and social development to prepare students for the global community of tomorrow