Meet Principal Kim Davis



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Ms. Kim Davis

Hello Everyone. I am Ms. Kim Davis, the Principal of Paideia School 24. Welcome to the Paideia School 24 website. Take a look to get information about the school philosophy, programs, and activties. As Principal of Paideia School 24, I am excited about the possibilites that each school year brings for all students.

Despite the challenges that came along with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shown resilience and perserverance. The Paideia School 24 staff is ready to welcome students back to school for full-time in-person teaching and learning. The excitement and enthusiasm for getting back to school is permeating throughout the entire school building. Together we will make this another productive schoolyear, keeping health and safety as a top priority. 

Paideia School 24 is a place where all children are nurtured and encouraged to do and be their best. Through the various programs and activities at Paideia 24, children are actively engaged to build important foundational study skills.

The Paideia classroom incorporates the three column instructional approach to teaching and learning. The first column is the didactic column, whereby the teacher introduces the concept or lesson. The second column is the coaching column, whereby students demonstrate their learning. The final column is the Socratic seminar, whereby students get to have a discussion and express themselves about a piece of literature or a piece of artwork.

In addition, at Paideia School 24, students are encouraged to be productive citizens. The school-wide slogan, "Positive Attitudes will Succeed," is known by all students, and is the guiding principle for daily interactions. During daily morning announcements, children are asked to "turn to your neighbor, give a compliment and a smile."

Paideia 24 students are encouraged to read each day to reach the goal of reading a minimum of 25 books for the schoolyear. The Author-of-Month activity awards students who read books and complete a writing response sheet. Children are also recognized and rewarded at the Awards Ceremony for outstanding classwork and homework.

The Paideia School 24 PTA consists of a very supportive and productive team, dedicated to the school community. Parents are encouraged to join the Paideia School 24 PTA to partner with the learning community. 

Please feel free to contact the school with any questions.

Kim Davis - Principal