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Mr. Daniel Florin

Parents and Guardians, please remember to complete the COVID Attestation form on the School 9 webpage each day your child is scheduled to enter the building.

4th Grader will enter at the Fairview Street Main at 8:40.  Dismissal will be at 2:50 from the Fairview Main.  

Expectation for remote students is to be present and and engage in online work and real-time instruction.  Mr. Florin will post daily assignments that students will be expected to complete, photograph, and send in to to receive credit.  Assignments will be posted daily on Mr. Florin's Microsoft Teams page.

Parents should communicate with Mr. Florin via email:  Emails responses will be responded to within 72 hours. 

Mr. Florin's schedule:  Mr. Florin's Schedule

Students MUST bring in their Benchmark and Math Module Books each day to be prepared for in-person instruction.  

No student will be allowed to walk home without written permission by a parent or guardian.  Parent or guardian can email permission to Mr. Florin or through the main office. 

Virtual Emergency Card

Dear Parents and Guardians of Class 4F and the School 9 Community,

With the advent of the COVID 19 and the district's decision to begin the 2020/21 school year with remote learning, it is imperative that together – teacher and parent – we work together to provide your child with a robust educational experience.  A schedule will be posted that will identify the time periods I will deliver synchronous (virtual face-to-face) instruction to your child on the district's Microsoft 365 Teams. This will require that you and your child develop a familiarity with the technology and how to navigate Microsoft Teams so that together we can have a meaningful educational experience.  I understand that the learning curve for the use of this technology is steep as I am a student of this program as well.  We will be patient learners for one another. Asynchronous assignments for your child will be posted on Microsoft Teams.    The expectation is that your child completes the assignments provided.  As evidence of the completion of work I encourage photos be taken and emailed to my address (be sure child's name and date and assignment is clearly written on the work). It is my hope that during these difficult times that all members of the School 9 community remain healthy and well. 

During the first week of instruction from September 8 to the 13th, I will be posting the daily assignment on both the Microsoft Team Assignment page as well as my Teacher School Wires page. Thereafter, all assignments will only be posted on the Microsoft Teams page. 

Here is the direct link to Mr. Florin's Microsoft Teams page for your child to engage in online synchronous (virtual face-to-face) instruction: 

Click Here to Joins Teams and Get Assignments

Attendance will be taken on a daily basis.

IMPORTANT Contingency Plan for Power Outage or Internet Failure: If during online synchronous instruction the connection to the internet is disrupted then please LOG OFF and exit out of the Microsoft Teams program and try return to the program after a wait time of 30 minutes.  This will allow for the necessary rebouting and security measures to be in place for the continuation of instruction.

Remember, parents and guardians, reading every day with your child is not just a great practice that will improve your child’s literacy skills, but it is also a way to support your child emotionally during these uncertain times.  Simple measures like reviewing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills with your child will help with the automatic recall of these basic facts. I encourage you to use the CLEVER platform to access a wide variety of online educational activities that will benefit and entertain your child.

I want to stress to parents that School 9 understands the online educational process is challenging and every family has its own level of familiarity and capacity as it relates to the use of technology.  What is important during this time is that your child attempts to do the best they can with what tools they have available.  Caring for your child's emotional needs is just as important as their educational needs.  I understand the need to balance both, and I again ask that you contact me with any questions you may have.

Sincerely, Mr. Florin

4th Grade Teacher

Please view this informative video to assist you in becoming familiar with the Microsoft Teams platform: 

Virtual Supply List for Your Child - In order for your child to be prepared for remote online instruction please be sure the following materials are available: One classroom notebook (do not use multiple notebooks as it is easier to keep all learning and homework in one notebook), unlined copy paper (for drawing and illustration), several sharpened pencils, pencil sharperner, crayons, markers, ruler

Mr. Florins Classroom Specials:

Thursdays: Virtual Physical Education with Ms Fascik from 9:00 to 9:30  Ms. Fascik's Page Link:

Fridays: Virtual Art with Ms. Tierney from 9:00 to 9:30  Ms. Tierney's Page Link:


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