Mr. Florin, 4th Grade Teacher



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Daniel Florin

September 2021



Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to another school year!   I am enthusiastic and eager to begin working with your child. I am sure that this year will be a dynamic and rewarding educational experience for all involved.  To ensure that your child is fully prepared for the challenges ahead, I am suggesting that you purchase the following materials:


                        *  3 sharpened pencils and pencil sharpener

*  Dictionary – your child will be given assignments to look up words.  Please make sure they are using a dictionary, not a computer, as this will improve their literacy skills.

                        *  Crayons or markers

                        *  A Ruler (used for homework assignments among other things)

                        *  One Black and White (or colored) Marbled Notebook – I cannot over-stress the importance of having your child keep their notebook in good order.  Your child’s grades will be based in part on the work completed in the marbled notebook.  Do not buy the spiral bound notebooks as they merely fall apart after a short time and all record of your child’s work is gone.

I would highly recommend that you label all your child's belongings.  It is best if you use a permanent marker.  I find that pencils are kept longest when they have your child's name written over their entire length.

            With few exceptions, I assign homework daily.  Homework should not take your child more than 45 minutes to complete.  Assistance should be given to your child when he or she has made an honest effort.  If your child still is unable to understand the homework, have him/her seek help from the teacher.  If the difficulty persists, then this is a signal of a larger problem, and we need to meet.

            Your child will be sent home with three (3) emergency cards.  Please fill out all three (3) and return them with your child as soon as possible as this information will enable the school to quickly reach you in case of an emergency. Other forms that must be completed include, but are not limited to, media release form, Acceptable Use Policy form (for internet use), and emergency dismissal form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I will try to accommodate your schedule, but I would like to stress the importance of making appointments so I can provide you with a quality meeting.



Your child's teacher,

Mr. Florin




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