• snack: A special time is set aside each day for snack.  To avoid complications from allergies and religious objections, children are not able to share snacks. Please clearly label snack or place in a container separate from your child’s lunch.

    • Please send a small easy to open and eat snack such as sliced vegetables, fruit or crackers.
    • Please avoid fruit/yogurt in plastic pouches because they are prone to burst in the school bag or splatter when opened.
    • Please send A small reusable container of water (NO JUICE)


    Pick up:

    1. Please keep emergency cards up to date. I am not able to send your child home with anyone that is not listed.
    2. If your child will be going home in a way that is different than usual please send a note or call the office.

    Absences: Please send a note with your child’s full name and the date of the absence when your child returns to school.

    School Celebrations: If you would like to celebrate a birthday or special day in class, these are items that are acceptable to send. Please send napkins with the treat.

    • Cookies
    • Mini doughnut munchkins
    • Water
    • Sliced fruit/vegetables
    • Take home gift bag
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School supplies

  • In order to start this school year off, your child will need the following supplies:

    • folder (labeled with your child’s name)
    • marble notebook (labeled with your child’s name)
    • glue (stick and liquid)
    • box of tissues
    • washable markers
    • large pencils, such as “My First Ticonderoga"
    • book bag
    • Complete change of clothes in a bag (labeled with your child’s name)
    • Hand towel (for rest time)

    In order to complete homework assignments, it would be beneficial to have the following things at home:

    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Magazines
    • large pencils, such as “My First Ticonderoga”
  • Homework assignments can be found in the marbled notebook.

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