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Degrees and Certifications:

Teaching in The Yonkers Public Schools since 1993 Bachelor of Arts Degree from Manhattan College Master of Science Degree from Iona College In 2009 completed 60 credits above my Masters Degree

Mrs. Raffa

Welcome to Mrs. Raffa's class! 

It will be a year of learning and growing as we develop into independent learners and thinkers.


LINK TO JOIN THE PTA (Parents, teachers association).The PTA does many wonderful things for the children at school so please support them. The cost of memebership is only $10 for the whole year. It is one of the best things you can do to support our school. The link is posted below:


Dear Parents:

First of all, WELCOME!   I am here to help you and your child. Email me at the above email address if you need me.  


-To log onto CLEVER......

Go to

Your child's USERNAME is their 6 digit ID  Example:  Frankie Jones

Your child's password is their birthday in 8 digits.  If your child is born in January you will use 01, February 02, March 03 etc. If your child's birthday is January 4, 2015 it will be entered as 01042015. 


Every student can log onto CLEVER for educational activities. At present I have many educational apps on Clever under my teacher page that says Mrs. Raffa. Please do not use an app on Clever under the district, just go straight to my Mrs. Raffa page.   This year we will be using SEESAW,SUM DOG, Teach Your Monster to Read, Bench Mark along with some others that are educational and fun.


If your child is absent for any length of time please let me know the reason why and if they have tested postive for Covid please email the test results to me and to the school nurse at Thank you.



What is needed for the first day:

-Elmers Glue

-crayons (fat crayons work well,NO magic markers please)

-pencils (fat pencils work best for this age, write your child's name on each pencil)

-4 black and white notebooks (the ones with the PRIMARY lines sold at STAPLES work the best for this age)

-a plastic pencil box to hold crayons and pencils at the table

- a shoe box to hold supplies

-3 plastic folders

-a pair of headphones or ear phones( you can find these at the dollar store, nothing fancy is needed)

-a coloring book or Play doh (this for students who do not take the bus at the very end of the day)

-If students have hand sanitizer in their book bags please put it in a ziplock bag so it does not spill onto papers and books.

- a snack for snacktime, water only NO juice please. Please keep the snack light and healthy such as fruit and crackers. 

-a complete change of clothing in a plastic bag including pants, shirt, socks and underwear in case your child has a bathroom accident. Please put your child's name on this bag.

 -MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD'S NAME IS ON EVERYTHING!! Every book, folder, pencil, crayons. EVERYTHING 



1- The school day begins at 8:35. Please come to school on time.Lateness is recorded on your child's report card but more importantly lateness disrupts a child's routine and learning.

2- Dismissal is at 3:05. Bus children will be taken to their buses and children being picked up will be dismissed by me at the door closest to the playground outside.

3-If your child is not going on the bus and you are picking them up please send me an email or note. I cannot take a child's word that a parent is coming. This is for the safety of your child.

4-Please let me know about any health issues your child may have.

5-Please put your child's name on EVERYTHING; all coats, pencils, boxes, etc.

6-An absence note is required each time your child misses school. Please note the reason for the absence. Without a note it is considered an illegal absence on your child's record.

7-If your child brings money for lunch or snack please make sure to put it in a plastic baggy with their name on it.

8-If you need to sign your child out you may go to the Main Entrance on Villa Ave and the school security guard will assist you.


I look forward to another exciting year as I get to know your child and you.

If you need me, contact me at: I am here to help you.