Dear Parents:



    For the assignments of groups A, D and B please visit and read the letter I have posted on my Clever page. If you have questions please email me at

    Your child's USERNAME is their Yonkers Student 6 digit ID number. (Example is how you log in)    

    All passwords have been reset as to your child's birthday. (example: A birthday of March 5, 2015 will be entered as 03052015)

    By logging onto my Mrs Raffa CLEVER page your child may access SUM DOG, Brain Pop Jr,  Benchmark, See Saw and many other educational pages and lessons I have provided. During IEE Time (Independent Educational Exploration ) your child may visit the many eduactional apps I have provided on my Clever page.

    REMEMBER IF YOU CHILD GOES TO BENCHMARK PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THAT THE LESSON IS COMPLETED OR YOUR CHILD WILL BE LOCKED OUT OF THE LESSON.  These lessons are meant to be revisited and reviewed by your child often because children learn by repeating and constant practice.


    Reading-Please have your child read for 30 minutes a day. Whether it is a book or lesson online or a book you have in your house. I have posted links on my S Raffa Clever page where students can complete many Reading activities. Children should be also writing everyday; writing silly sentences using sight words.  I call them silly sentences with the children because I want them to just feel free to write what they are thinking.  If they are writing: I like my blue cat.  It's a silly sentence that shows me they are learning how to properly write a sentence. As always please make sure the first letter in the sentence is a capital letter and there is a PERIOD at the end of the sentence.


    Social Studies and Science- Your child should go on Brain Pop JR each day. They may choose one Social Studies video and one Science video (or more) per day to watch and complete the activities. Have them take the quiz, ask them to explain something they learned.