7th & 8th Grade Class Supplies

  • Math                                              Science

    2 RED Binder (2 inch)                  2 BLUE Binder (2 inch)

    2  RED Notebooks                       2 BLUE Notebooks

    2 RED Folders                             2 BLUE Folders

    Graph Paper                                Scientific Calculator (for homework at home)

    Students will have a locker for 8th grade. Your child will need a combination lock. Key locks are not allowed


    Additional Supplies each Student must have for the Year.

    Ruler (inches and metric)     Pencils, & Erasers (We only use pencils in our class)  

    Scissors                               Colored Pencils, Crayons, & Markers

    Glue Sticks/Elmers Glue      EAR BUDS with WIRE (not bluetooth) 

    2 Boxes of Tissues (Needed Desperately for the classroom)              

    Classroom Hand Sanitizer (Needed Desperately)  


    Please replenish supplies throughout the year. Students often come to class without their supplies. It is difficult for them to function in class if they are not prepared each day with the necessary tools they need to be successful. Thank you always for your support.