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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Hughes

Mr. Hughes teaches social studies, ELA and special education.


Updated Message:  Hello parents/guardians and students. I hope you are all doing well during this unique and trying time. I will be your social studies and ELA teacher for the next two school years and am looking forward to preparing you for the future. My goal is to help all my students become better learners and achieve all goals we create together.

As we start the current school year remotely, please log into Clever, find Office 365 (favorite it), go to Microsoft Teams and find your classes. All instruction, assignments and communication (besides email) will take place there.  Students should use their 6 digit ID and use their date of birth mm/dd/yyyy (example 09/08/2020) as their password. If they are prompted to create a new password it should be their first name and the number 1 (example pulaski1). This ID and password will be used to access all sites through Clever so it is important they remember both.  I will also ask you to favorite certain links we will be using frequently in Clever as well. I will be available on Microsoft Teams chat for direct help and instruction (any change to this will be posted a day in advance on Microsoft Teams). You can of course message or email me ( any other time and I will respond as quickly as possible.

There is a copy of my schedule below. If you are in my homeroom you are 7-3, if you are in Ms. Grippo's homeroom you are in 7-4. You should be recieving a copy of your actual schedule shortly. In addition, please check out my class expectations and supply list pages to stay informed on what will be needed to help you be prepared for learning. Together we will succeed and keep learning an enriching and enjoyable experience. Please stay safe and healthy! Thank you for your support!

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