Class Expectations

  • Hello my name is Mr. Hughes and I am your child’s Social Studies/ELA teacher. Throughout the year, students will learn with an emphasis on developing an appreciation for all cultures and perspectives. It is my goal to not only help your child understand the curriculum, but also to help them grow as a student and learner. The classroom will be a safe and tolerant environment with the assistance of each and every student.


    In order to achieve these objectives, students will be expected to adhere to the following rules:

    • Respect the opinions and property of everyone in the room
    • Be present and on time to class
    • Come to class prepared with all learning materials and ready to learn
    • Raise your hand before speaking


    Grades will be calculated as follows:

                30% Tests and Quizzes

                25% Projects and Essays

                25% Homework

                20% Classwork/Participation


    Students are expected to complete all assignments on time (unless otherwise specified). Any assignment not turned in on time, may be turned in the following day for half credit. After that, credit will be awarded based on when the assignment is turned in. Students will have one day to turn in any assignments upon returning from an absence (unless otherwise specified).


    Students will be expected to have a 3 ring binder with paper and a folder specifically for both  classes. Students will be given a lot of handouts for this class and need to stay organized. All other materials will be provided.


    I am available to answer any questions or address any of your concerns via email or by calling (914) 376-8575. I look forward to a positive and successful year. Please sign and cut the bottom portion of this letter and return it to school with your child.

  • Participation Scoring


    What do I need to do to get a perfect score for my participation grade?


    Each day you start with 20 points which you can keep by doing the following:


    1. Come to class on time and prepared (binder, something to write with)
    2. Complete all classwork, group responsibilities and closure activity
    3. Participate by responding to a question, sharing an idea, volunteering for or participating in an activity
    4. Make good choices and be respectful of the work, opinions and time of others in the classroom


    You can lose points by doing any of the following:


    1. Come to class late: -5 points
    2. Unprepared for class: -5 points
    3. Choose not to participate: -5 points
    4. Don’t complete classwork: -5 points
    5. Disrupt the class/inappropriate language: -5 points


    You are accountable for your actions, coming prepared and completing your classwork.  If you put in effort and make good choices, you will succeed and have a great participation grade!