• 5-34 Absences:


    If a child is absent, he/she must have a note from a parent upon their return.   An email to myself or the main office would also suffice. Otherwise, this is considered an illegal absence as per Yonkers Public Schools.  Attendance is taken at 9:00 every morning – any late arrivals after 8:45 am will require a pass from the security guard and/or main office.  Parents should NOT walk their child to the classroom and will not be allowed in the building without prior approval. This disrupts learning instruction and routine.  Nor should parents insist on early pickups consistently just to avoid the PM rush.  Conferences (Zoom or otherwise) should be scheduled.


    5-34 Homework Policy:


    Homework helps students make the most of their school experience by reinforcing and applying what they have learned in class.  Homework also enables students to learn responsibility, independence and to develop positive study habits.


    Homework is generally assigned Monday thru Friday.  Please check and sign or initial your child’s homework before it is returned to school the next day.  All homework must be done neatly BY THE STUDENT without stains, rips or holes.  Parents can help, and should review and clarify a skill, but homework won’t ever be assigned without first learning it in the classroom. Fifth Grade homework should not take more than 60-90 minutes.  If your child requires additional assistance, please let me know. When your child does not complete his/her homework, he/she may be required to complete the assignment during the school day (usually recess, specials or fun-time).  If it is not completed on a REGULAR BASIS, you will be contacted - but for truly legitimate reasons, please send a note.


    **Recess [then, Lunch] is from 12:00-1:00