• The Shift to Virtual Project Based Learning

    The Shift to Virtual Project Based Learning (PDF)

    Through the NYS Learning Technology Grant, teacher professional development focused on effective methods of integrating STEM into daily instruction as well as to provide an after-school enrichment opportunity for students.

    Professional development included in-person learning by facilitators from BrainPOP, LEGO. and a planned continuation with Microsoft that was begun during Year One. Students from the Yonkers Public Schools and its partner schools within the city engaged in preparation for the district's second Lego Robotics competition scheduled for April.

    The 2019-2020 school year program, however, was abruptly interrupted by Covid-19 and the immediate shift to full remote learning.  During these months of full remote instruction, Microsoft Teams training accelerated within the district.

    Professional development on using Teams, and other instructional technology programs, occurred multiple times each week from April through June in order to plan for full implementation of a primary digital platform that could offer a consistent approach across 39 schools and that would be robust enough to be used by all learners, children and adults. A fully-remote STEM program was piloted during the summer using some of the technology purchased through the LTG.