Coding and Engineering Design using Minecraft Education and CoderZ

  • Managing the Minecraft Worlds 

    In this beginning Minecraft tutorial hosted by Computer Adventures, teachers learned how to use the digital building blocks within the Minecraft Education worlds. 

    Using Minecraft Education in Classroom Mode

    This professional development session guides teachers through using border walls, important commands, and how to teach in Classroom Mode. Included in the professional learning was time for teachers to practice and ask questions.

    Managing Worlds, Using the Game Settings, and Learning about Redstone

    In this professional development session, Yonkers Public School and nonpublic school teachers are guided through hands on practice of Minecraft Education by facilitators from Computer Adventures, Frank Cortalano and Vivian Tai. During this session, the participants learn how to use the different game settings and practice using Redstone for a deeper and more rigorous engineering experience. Guided practice and questions were part of this professional learning session. 

    CoderZ Teacher Professional Development

    CoderZ was the digital coding program used during Year 3 of the Learning Technology Grant. It allowed the Yonkers and nonpublic school LTG teachers to continue to learn advance engineering principles in a fully remote environment and to share their learning with their students. In this program, math principles and computation are integrated into the learning. Teachers and their students learn how to design and program virtual robots. The CoderZ program was developed by Lego and the PD was facilitated by Computer Adventures.