• Music Class Expectations:

    Masks must be worn for the health and safety of all

    Sanitize your hands once entering the Auditorium

    • Always try your best, give 100% 
    • Respect your fellow students, yourself, and the adults in the room
    • Follow directions when given
    • Practice your songs, vocalize, and study theory lessons
    • Listen, encourage, and appreciate others
    • Be creative and open minded
    • Attendance will be taken
    • Complete all assignments
    • Check Microsoft Teams for up-coming Music Assignments (my music class team for your class)


    Virtual Meeting Procedures/Expectations:

    We will be working together and communicating by Microsoft Teams and Class Dojo.  Homework assignments and quizzes will be through Microsoft Teams. If music classes are held virtually, they will be on Microsoft Teams.

    • Be on time
    • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the class
    • Turn on camera. Camera must be on at all times
    • Mute microphone and keep it off until I ask you to unmute
    • Raise your hand when you have a question
    • Wait for your turn
    • Speak up and speak clearly when answering or asking a question
    • Be respectful of others
    • Turn off TV and or radio in the background
    • No food or toys during the class