Dress Code

  • As part of our Safe School Plan, the Yonkers Public Schools has adopted a School Uniform Policy for all students in prekindergarten through grade 12. The wearing of school uniforms enables school personnel to identify those students assigned to the building and reduces absenteeism and competition over dress. It may also contribute to improved academic performance and self-esteem. In cases of severe financial hardship, parents may contact their child’s school by telephone, mail or in person to request assistance.

    District Dress Code

    Good grooming and personal appearance are essential, if not critical, elements in the teaching and learning process. Therefore, it is expected that teachers, administrators, school personnel and students dress in such a manner that will ensure health and safety. Furthermore, it is essential that dress and personal appearance not be disruptive or interfere with the legitimate interest and welfare of students.

    • Clothes that appropriately cover the body and do not interfere with student safety must be worn. Pants must be fastened at the waist and the legs must be of equal lengths. Belts must be fastened at the waist. Straps must be fastened on the shoulders. Footwear designed to accommodate shoelaces must be worn with the shoelaces. Care should be taken that skirts and shorts are appropriate and do not disrupt the orderly process of teaching and learning.
    • Students will not wear clothing which promotes products or activities prohibited by school policies or that is likely to cause a substantial disruption in the school. T-shirts and other clothing that display abusive language, profanity, or illegal organizations will not be worn.
    • In the interest of the safety and welfare of all students, headgear of any kind (including, but not limited to hats, caps and hoods) may not be worn in school except for headgear required to be worn by a student’s recognized religion or for medical reasons.
    • In the interest of the safety and welfare of all students, coats, jackets, jean jackets, running suit jackets, gloves, or clothing generally accepted as “outerwear” may not be worn in the building.
    • Jewelry that may be deemed a WEAPON is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, rings covering multiple fingers, spiked necklaces or belts, belts with large removable buckles, chain-like neckwear, ninja type stars, etc. Belts must be buckled.
    • Clothing that is associated with or identifiable as a symbol of a gang or street club is not permitted in school or on school property.
    • Students and staff are required to wear appropriate or protective gear in certain classes such as: technology, physical education, home and careers and science.