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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Alecia Redway is a New York State Master Teacher with 22 years of teaching experience in science instruction for grades 7-12. She has a BA and MA from New York University, an EdD from Long Island University, and Permanent Certificates in Chemistry, Biology, and General Science, 7-12 Grades, and Gifted Extension K-12.

Dr. Alecia Redway

Daily Schedule

Science                  7-3/Period 1      M-F             7:45-8:25      

Science                  7-1/Period 2      M-F             8:29-9:14        

Science                  7-2/Period 6      M-F            11:45-12:30    

Enrichment                   Period 7      M-F            12:34-1:19       

ELA Skills                7-2/Period 8     M/R            1:23 to 2:08    

ELA Skills                7-1/Period 8     W               1:23 to 2:08    

ELA Skills                7-3/Period 8     T/F             1:23 to 2:08    


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