• Our vision is to create a learning environment that prepares early and rapid learners to be contributing members of a global society.

    The mission of PEARLS Hawthorne School is to provide a safe, nurturing, and holistic learning environment for our diverse population.   We strive to cultivate metacognitive skills and encourage self-directed learning.  We aim to support positive character traits and community consciousness.  Excellence in learning will be reached by academic rigor, critical thinking, and adaptation to alternate learning modalities through differentiation and data driven instruction that fosters a growth mindset.  The school will provide enrichment and extension of the core curriculum through integration of technology and the Arts.  Teachers and staff will collaborate and engage in professional development opportunities.

    Partnerships among all stakeholders will ensure that our learning community will prepare students with the necessary experiences in order to contribute successfully in the 21st century; becoming career and college ready and globally productive.

    Dedication – we are committed to meeting all needs.

    Rigor – we promote academic excellence.

    Empathy – we understand and consider social emotional well-being.

    Attitude – we continue to foster a growth mindset.

    Mindfulness – we are aware of our actions/words and reflect upon them.