Math Department Liaison, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 Teacher

Phone: 914-376-8177


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Hetmeyer

An ounce about me: This one is called The if's that made it possible

I love saying, “I am made in America with Guyanese parts.” I am a first-generation American, and I am the 10th and last child of my mother and father.

If it was not for their dream and voyage, I would not be here. If it was not for a near crisis at the end of my high school career that woke me up, I perhaps would not be a college grad. If it wasn't for my experience at the collegiate level, I perhaps would not be teaching. If it wasn't for my experience of working at a charter school, and the opportunities afforded to me by Bronx Community College, Adelphi University, and Mercy College, I probably would not be teaching here. But it's these valuable and priceless experiences that shaped and transformed my life and developed a deep-seated passion in me to empower and inspire students to greater heights. What an honor it is to be the 9th-grade Algebra 1 and 11th Algebra 2 teacher. I lay the foundation for our freshmen students and also change the trajectory of our junior students to go to college. I am the future Ph.D. Hetmeyer. I am looking forward to working with you!

Betterment is a perpetual labor--Atul Gawande


Available hours

Monday and Wednesday from  2:45 to 5:45

Tuesday unitl 3:30