Coach Leone's PE Class



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Leone

Physical Education

Room: Gymnasium

Extra Help: Tuesdays 2:30-3:15


  • This is Coach Leone! 

    Enjoy your summer! Make sure you get outside and stay active.

    For the start of the school year in September 2021, please make sure you have adequate attire for physical education. 

    -T Shirt

    -Shorts, sweatpants, joggers

    -Athletic Sneakers 

  • Coach Leone Physical Education Class 


    This is Joe Leone, your Physical Education Teacher for the 2020-2021 school year and I want to say WELCOME BACK! I hope everyones summer was as enjoyable, safe and as healthy as possible. This webpage is going to contain very important information that you will need to have and use for the entire school year for physical education class during remote learning and hybrid learning. 

    What class is going to be like during remote learning and what our expectations are for you during remote learning will be what we will discuss first.  My expectations for you are very simple.  They are as follows: Attend class every time have a live classparticipate in what workouts or activities we are completing during the live class; if there is an assignment it must be submitted and finally keep in contact with me when I try to contact you.  

    Below, I am going to provide you the links to your specific Microsoft Teams page, and the Remind code for your specific class or grade level.  Teams & Remind  will be used daily and will be important to have. Along with email, Teams & Remind are ways you can contact me.

    We will be using Microsoft Teams as oumain platform for the classes and the classwork. This is a reminder that if you are using a tablet or phone you must download the Microsoft Teams App onto your device.  It will make your life much easier.  Also, your log in for Microsoft Teams and PowerSchool is your six digit ID with the at the end.  For example, Passwords were reset so your password is your eight digit birthday, example May 25, 2003 would be 05232003. 

    We, the PE Department understand, like last Spring this is something new and different for some of you as well as it is for us. It may take a little while to get used to everything but let's work together to make this as successful as a year as possible with whatever may lie ahead of us. Remember you will all have multiple ways to contact your teacher (Microsoft Teams Chat, Remind, Email) so there should be no excuses to reaching out to us if you need help with anything.  

    Please see my schedule below, check your schedule and join the appropriate class (Teams & Remind).

    Coach Leone's Class Schedule-

    Follow the Microsoft Teams Link Below to Access Our Online Classes! 


    Physical Education Period 1AB (7:45-8:32 AM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe802

    Physical Education Period 1CD (7:45-8:32 AM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe805

    Physical Education Period 3AB (9:27-10:14 AM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe709

    Physical Education Period 3CD (9:27-10:14 AM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe710

    Physical Education Period 4AB (10:18-11:05 AM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe801

    Physical Education Period 4CD (10:18-11:05 AM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe804

    Physical Education Period 5AB (11:09- 11:56 AM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe809

    Physical Education Period 5CD (11:09- 11:56 AM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe803

    Physical Education Period 8AB (1:42-2:29 PM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe710

    Physical Education Period 8CD (1:42-2:29 PM) : Microsoft Teams Link, Remind Link: @leonepe709