• This project can be scaled to any grade level and subject. Projects may be shared with Yonkers Public Schools at E-Learning@yonkerspublicschools.org.

    • Parental permission is requested for sharing the work.
    • Include in subject line: Memorial Day Distance Learning Project
    • Include in the body of the Email: student name, grade, school, and one or two sentence description of project
    • Attach project to the Email, or provide link to One Drive folder or file

    Memorial Day Project: Create a memorial to honor those who were lost in war. Your memorial should include: 

    • Information about the event 
    • A drawing or picture of the memorial (either hand-drawn or computer generated) 

    The Memorial Day Project may honor those who have died in any of the wars that Americans were a part of from the Civil War through to today. As Yonkers is rich in its military involvement and has many monuments dedicated to those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom, students may wish to connect this project to our own city.   


    • There are many web-based sites for information on Memorial Day, including digital resources offered in both the Yonkers Public Schools Library site and Discovery Education (both are accessible through Clever) or the Yonkers Public Library site (accessible through Distance Learning).  
    • Students may also interview a family member or friend. 

Grades 4 - 12

  • Possible Structure for the Project for Grades 4-12 

    • The Beginning: Provide background information on the war you have chosen to memorialize and commemorate. (For example, including answers to the following questions may provide context for the project: Which war?When did it happen? How long did the war last? Who was involved? How many soldiers sacrificed their lives?) 
    • The Middle: An explanation of the drawing or picture that you have created. (What is shown in the picture or drawing? Are there any symbols that you used and if so, what do they represent?) 
    • The Ending: How does your project provide hope for the future?  

PreK - Grade 3

  • Possible Structure for the Project for Grades PK-3: 

    • Create a drawing or other display of what Memorial Day means to them.  
    • Create a symbol or picture that celebrates the Yonkers residents who lost their lives