The Engineering Academy Student Showcase

  • The Yonkers Public Schools Summer Engineering Academy was designed for students entering the 3rd through 6th grades to learn about the principles of engineering in a virtual classroom environment and to have fun. The 160 students collaborated with each other, their teachers, and used interactive instructional technologies. The academy was new this summer and free for Yonkers Public Schools students. This three-week academy used a highly interactive, inquiry-based approach to learning. The driving question that they addressed was: What would the 8th Wonder of the World be if you could design and build it? 


    Students studied engineering and design principles and both natural and manufactured “wonders” that exist around the world. They used varied instructional technologies including Microsoft Teams, Minecraft Education, Cisco Webex, and Zoom to interact with their teachers, each other and to create their projects. The final projects are showcased on the Yonkers Public Schools Distance Learning site by teacher name. Students provide a tour of their projects, describe how they created their 8th Wonder of the World, and describe what they learned through the experience 

  • Website Organization

    Student final projects are presented in this section organized by teacher.  Tap the teachers name in the menu to view the projects of the students in their class.