• Summer Reading for 6th Grade

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Summer is a wonderful time to read for pleasure and enrichment. This summer all rising 6th graders will be reading Flush by Carl Hiaasen.    In addition, students need to complete the Summer Reading Study Guide for Flush included in this packet.  Students that are in school will be given the packet.

    Required Reading:

    1. Required Novel: Flush by Carl Hiaasen The required novel provides an opportunity for sixth graders to share a common reading experience and serves as a jumping-off point for classroom activities at the beginning of the school year. A discussion guide for Flush is included in this packet.



    1. Additional Reading:

    At Least One Other Book of Choice from the Yonkers Summer reading list. (Pick one activity)




    We hope that summer reading brings students many hours of enjoyment and encourages the lifelong love of reading. So pack an extra book wherever you travel this summer and enjoy your summer READING!

    Happy Reading,


    Mr. Thomas