• We recently went on a virtual field trip to the Smithsonian: The National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. If you missed it, take the trip now!  

    Before you go, answer a few pre-visit questions here.


    Now, enter the National Museum of Natural History.  Enjoy your trip!

    The museum's foyer

    National Museum of Natural History


       Check out the megaladon shark here!  

    Megaladon shark


    Learn about the science and secrets of history's most famous jewel by visiting different countries and getting expert opinions from forensic scientists and history scholars. 

    The Mystery of the Hope Diamond



    Read about fascinating cave handprints here.  

    Cave paintings h


     Learn more about the wonders of our oceans.  

     Ocean Life


    Learn about the coral species here.  

    Coral and coral reefs


    Visit https://ocean.si.edu/ to learn more about the wonders of our oceans.


    Now, complete the 3-2-1 worksheet by describing three takeaways, two things that interest you and you’d like to learn more about, and one question you still have.   


    The Smithsonian offers great daily online events to watch at home here.  Scroll to the bottom to see what is being offered.