Physical Education Policies & Procedures

  • Students are expected to be present in class everyday they have physical education.  They are expected to also be prepared for class with the proper footwear.  Students are to wear sneakers with rubber soles.  No Boots, flats, heels or open toes shoes.  The sneakers must have laces.  

    Students are espected to particiapte everyday at a high level.  They will be graded based upon effort, never on ability.  A large portion of their grade will be based upon their effort.

    Upon arrival into the gymnasium the students will have to hand in their cell phones.  Each student will be given a specific number in the cell phone chart.  They will place the phone in the chart and the chart will be held in a safe location for the period.  If a student refuses to hand in their phone they will not be allowed into the gymnsaium.  

    No students will be allowed use of the locker rooms.  They will be locked and remain locked through out the day.

    If a student is unprepared for class or is medically unable to participate they will be given a written assignemnt for the period to get a small amount of credit for the day.