Supply List!

  • You will need to bring these supplies with you to school every day!




    • one notebook
    • one folder
    • pens or pencils for the year*
    • looseleaf paper for the year*
    • a book for independent reading time

    *You will need enough for class from September through June. Please take advantage of the summer sales to purchase a year's worth.




    • highlighters
    • post-its


    Please be safe!

    • Bring tissues, if you need them.
    • Bring a water bottle.


    Yonkers Public Library Card

    • If you have a Yonkers Public Library card, please make sure you can find it.
    • If you don't have one, we will fill out applications in September.
    • The Yonkers Public Library has a lot more than just books. I will go through the fantastic services you can use for free with your card in class and at Back-to-School night.