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Kathleen Reynolds

Please note: 

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Welcome to 4th grade! I am so excited to begin the new school year with all of you!!  

This year I'll be using Remind to send i

mportant updates about class information.  We will be working together, independently and in small groups 

on Microsoft Teams throughout the day.  

To sign up for Reynolds 4th Grade 2020-2021 notifications, please visit

Microsoft Teams: Click here for Teams instructions Click here


Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out 845-538-9534 or

Here's to a great year :)

Remote Learning Rules & Expectations:

1. Be on time for class. 8:45 am daily

2. Dress appropriately and be ready to learn.

3. Choose a quiet learning place.

4. Wait until break or lunch time to eat.

5. Stay on mute until your teacher calls on you.

6. Keep your camera/video on at all times.

7. Click the "Raise Hand" button to speak, share, or ask a question.

8. Stay on topic when it's your turn to share.

9. Be respectful when speaking or typing in the chat box.