Welcome to Pre-K! Daily Attendance will be taken by completing the draw and write activity in SeeSaw or by attending the live meetings each day!

  •  All assignments can be found on Seesaw and live meetings take place on Teams...

    **To access Seesaw and to get to Teams through Office 365, log into your child's Clever account by using this link. 





    Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays (Cohort A Mondays/Tuesdays & Cohort B Thursdays/Fridays)
    **Cohort D is home remote learning (not live) on Seesaw​​**
    8:35-8:50am - pick up students; grab and go breakfast; unpack
    9:00am- circle time/morning routine/music & movement
    9:15am- draw and write (writing time)
    **depending on the day, Prep at 9:25am or 10:15am
    9:35am/10:00am- literacy hour (Big Day program/phonics)
    10:45am- lunch (mask break)/recess
    11:45am- quiet time (possible mask break if laying on mats)
    12:20pm- finish literacy hour/begin math
    1:00pm- Snack (mask break); synchronous (live meeting) check-ins with remote kids by appointment
    1:20pm- Social Studies/Science
    1:40pm- Play & Learn; synchronous (live meeting) check-ins with remote kids by appointment
    2:00pm- Community Meeting/PATHS lesson (synchronous live meeting - all cohorts in person and on Teams)
    2:45pm- pack up/dismissal procedure
    Wednesdays - all cohorts remote and synchronous (live meetings)
    8:35am- Cohort A Teams meeting
    9:05am- Cohort B Teams meeting
    9:35am-10:05am- Break Time/Teacher Prep Time
    10:10am- Cohort D Teams meeting
    **Day ends at 11:00am​​-Teachers have lunch and Professional Development, Students work on Seesaw assignments remainder of the day

    Prekindergarten At-home learning supplies

    a device to complete virtual lessons and attend live meetings (laptop, iPad, tablet)

         ** an iPhone can be used but it is not the easiest to complete lessons on

    paper, pencil, crayons, play dough

    small 10 items to count with (beans, legos, small figures, buttons) 

    headphones or ear buds (if child is not in a quiet area to learn)


    Prekindergarten Supply List  (for when we return to school in person) 

    1 Plastic Foldable KinderMat

    1 Box of Big Crayons

    1 3pack of Big Pencils

    1 Glue Bottle

    1 Box of Tissues

    Paper Towels

    1 Big Bottle of Hand Sanitizer 

    1 package of Playdough three to four containers

    a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name filled with a change of clothes