• The Smart Scholars Early College Program At Gorton High School

    A Smart Scholars Early College High School Program is a partnership between institutions of higher education and public school districts to create Early College High Schools. Students are provided the opportunity and preparation to accelerate the completion of their high school studies while simultaneously earning transferable college credits. Students receive additional academic support from the school and college partnership to ensure they are performing at or above grade level and their success in the completion of future college courses. 

    The Smart Scholars program at Gorton High School, from inception, is a unque Early College program within the Academy of Medical Professions, consisting of approximately four hundred (400) students. Smart Scholars students have an opportunity to achieve a minimum of twenty-four (24) transferable college credits, at no expense to their familes, by high school graduation. Throughout the school year, students in the Smart Scholars program are provided with various opportunities and experiences to enhance their college and career readiness. College trips (during and after school), internships, mentors, and events are an extensive part of the Smart Scholars experience. 

     Our College Partners

       -SUNY Farmingdale* 

        -College of Westchester*

        -Syracuse University Project Advance

                      *Credits are dependent on Pathways chosen


    • Desire and willingness to commit to the program

    • Participate in rigorous coursework and succeed in in all classes and regents

    • Set goals, short term and long term

    • Create an action plan with Guidance Counselors

    • Monitor progress

    • Complete portfolio compilation and presentation

    • Participate in networking activities in the school community

    • Involving parents is a priority

    • Adhere to the student/parent contract requirements

    • Take advantage of all support services for optimal success!

     How Do I Become a Smart Scholars Student?

    • Complete Smart Scholars Application
    • Teacher Recommendation

    Dual Enrollment Courses Offered:

    SUNY Farmingdale 

    Current Issues in Health/Bioethics- HST 101(3)

    World Civilization I- HIS 117 (3)

    World Civilization II- HIS 118 (3)

    US History I- HIS 121 (3)

    US History II- HIS 122 (3)

    Introduction to Graphic Design – VIS 140 (3)

    Graphic Design for Non-Majors - VIS 260 (3)

    Statistics– MATH 110 (3)

    College of Westchester 

    Medical Terminology -Med 103 (3)

    Medical Assisting I- MED 103 (3)

    Medical Assisting II - MED 103 (3)

    Accounting I–ACC 107 (3) 

    Accounting II– ACC 108 (3)

    Healthcare Law and Ethics– MED 111 (3)

    Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA)

     English I- (3)

    English II- (3)

    Psychology 101- (3)