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  • Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year.  I hope everyone had a good summer.  I am eager to meet all my new students and to see my current students.  We will have to wait a few more weeks untill we can see each other in person.  I will be providing live sessions on microsoft teams.  Schedules and times will be forthcoming.

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Mr. Diamond

The Music Therapy Program at Yonkers School 29 is designed to offer a successful, enjoyable experience for every student.  Feeling secure and being successful encourages students to attempt and acquire new skills.  A multi-sensory approach provides a maximum amount of intrusion and allows the student to participate utilizing their strengths while developing their weaknesses.  A multi-sensory approach allows students to experience activities visually, auditory, tactilely and kinesthetically.

The elements of music are utilized for organizing, calming and attention securing properties.  Pulse and rhythm are the organizing elements.  Changes in tempo, dynamics, melody, harmony, and lyrics are the attention securing elements.  These elements are combined in a response to the behavioral cues of the student or group and used to retain attention and focus.  Each session, as in each song, has a clear beginning and ending, providing predictability, security and success.  The music therapy program at School 29 also adheres to the New York State standards in teaching music.  Musical skills in the areas rhythm, melody, dynamics, tone color, texture, harmony and form are presented to all students on their respected developmental level.