• 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics

    Throughout the year we will expand on many mathematical concepts that you have started to work with in previous grades.  We will be using emath instruction and the Common Core State Standards to learn skills that will help prepare students for the rigors of high school and the New York State Math Exam that all students will take in May. Some of the topics that we cover include Ratios and Proportions, Algebraic Expressions and Equations, Functions and Systems of Equations. 

    Expectations for a successful year:

    • Students should arrive to class on time every day prepared and ready to learn.
    • Students must be respectful of everyone and everything in the classroom.
    • Cell phones must be silenced and put away at the beginning of the school day.


    • Homework is given most nights, as it is very important to practice the skills that are learned in class.
    • All assignments will be posted in TEAMS and must by submitted on TEAMS.
    • It is expected that students try their best on homework assignments.
    • Homework does not need to be perfect to get credit, however, work must be shown and appropriate effort must be demonstrated.

    Marking period grades will be calculated using a point system:

    • Homework – 4 points each (35%)
    • Participation/Behavior – 2 points per day (35%)
    • Tests/Quizzes – Point values vary per test (30%)

    How parents can help: 

    • Provide an appropriate environment for students to complete homework.
    • Limit access to technology & other distractions (TV, Facebook, Twitter, video games, cell phones).
    • Encourage students to tell you something that they learned in school that day.


    Together we can make sure that all students have a positive and successful year.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the school at (914) 376-8585, email me at klabarbera@yonkerspublicschools.org, or on class dojo.


    Ms. LaBarbera



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