• Welcome "Back to School!"  It is unlike any other year, but I am looking forward to a great, productive year with you and your child!  Although remote learning and teletherapy can be difficult for both parents and students, there are some benefits:

    1) We will have more opportunities to work together to help your child progress toward their speech and language goals, whereas it is more difficult when your child is at school.  Sharing our knowledge (you know your child best and I know techniques to help your child increase their speech and language skills) will make for more efficient, effective therapy

    2)  Having some speech therapy conducted at home can increase your child's ability to complete activities using new skills with more people in different environments.  This is so important since being able to finish something in a therapy room and no where else does not necessarily mean they "learned" the material.  The same goes for only completing it with me.    

    We will be conducting speech language therapy on Microsoft Teams, Nearpod and Boarmaker.  Below you will find links and video tutorials on how to use them.


  • Accessing Microsoft Teams:

    From a district-issued laptop: Click on the Microsoft TEAMS desktop icon.

    From a personal device: Look for link on teacher email.