Class Expectation 3-128

  • Daily Expectations


    Students will come to school every day in uniform and prepared to learn.

    They will be well-rested and will have eaten breakfast.


    Classroom Rule
         -Listen and pay attention to the teacher at all times, especially during instructional time. 
         - Read and follow directions. Listen when others are talking. 
         - Do not disrupt others.
         - Raise your hand when you want to share/talk.
         - Do not leave the classroom without permission.
         - Sit correctly.
         - Respect others and their property.
         - Keep your hands and objects to yourself.
         - Respect the teacher’s and school’s property.
         - Use kind words and be nice to everyone!
         - No teasing, bullying, or lying. (Zero tolerance for this behavior.)
         - Have high expectations for yourself! You can do it!

         - Be honest!! 

    School-Wide Grading Policy

    Assessment, writing, and projects will be scored according to their respective rubrics and based on our school-wide grading scale:

                                                   4= 100%-90%

                                                   3= 89%-71%

                                                   2= 70%-65%

                                                  1= 64% and below