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    A MicroSociety School is an innovative design where children create a microcosm of the real world inside the school. Each student has a role in running the world. Young entrepreneurs produce goods and services, elected officials establish laws, Peace Officers ensure safety, judges arbitrate disputes, and reporters track down stories. In addition, we focus on character development through non for profit ventures such as Hostos Cares and the Environmental Protection Agency, where we foster the idea of caring for and giving back to the community. All citizens earn wages in the school's "Micro" currency, invest in product ideas, deposit and borrow money from the "Micro" bank, and pay taxes, rent, buy/sell products and services. Classroom connections are made throughout the day. MicroSociety allows students to develop leadership skills as they hold jobs, actively engages students in the learning process, and makes learning real for students. Our MicroSociety theme is in alignment with our rigorous academic curriculum and connects learning to the real world, making each student's education relevant and empowering them to make decisions and monitor their own progress. Our focus is developing tomorrow's leaders.