• 7th Grade Science Course Outline

     Welcome to 7th Grade Science!  This course will examine the relationships that exist in nature… and how everything works together in a balance. 

    Major themes include:

    1. Lab Skills & Scientific Inquiry

    2. Earth Science, includes weather & astronomy, as well as features of the Earth’s crust

    3. Physical Science including Chemical Properties of Matter and the Physics of how things work

    4. Life Science (pre-Living Environment) to prepare for next year’s Regents Course.


    Lab time will be included during regular class time. Labs are designed to help illustrate, in a hands on way, any concepts taught during the year.  Inquiry is an important part of all learning, especially science, and lab activities are designed to foster that skill.



    All assignments contribute towards a students’ grade.  Tests, class work, homework, quizzes and LABS are all assigned points that accumulate each marking period.  Your grade is a function of YOUR points divided by the TOTALpoints for that marking period.  Larger or more difficult work is assigned a higher point total.  In this way, no one assignment is more important than another, and ALL work, including Labsmust be completed to get a satisfactory grade.



    Homework is the BEST way to solidify what is learned in class.  It is also expected that students will review their notes each night.  Homework will be given in a variety of methods, including: spot check, collection, discussion, and unannounced quizzes upon assignment.


    Course Materials

    Pen or Pencil               Three ring binder                    Folder for handouts


    Students are EXPECTED to show up for class EACH day prepared to learn.  This is accomplished by:


    1. Arriving on time
    2. Being organized and prepared
    3. Raising your hand before speaking
    4. Respecting ALL ideas in the class
    5. Listening and participating in discussions
    6. No food or drink in the classroom
    7. Follow school rules



    My goal is simple… to make this course as enjoyable and painless as possible knowing that there is a lot of work and studying needed compared to most other courses taken so far.  I feel that with an air of mutual respect, preparedness, flexibility and humor, that passing this course is not only attainable, but will be done with superior results!


    Good luck.  I am looking forward to the coming year.