• Hostos Cell Phone Policy

    Student possession and use of cell phones, portable video games systems, music players, smart watches, and other electronic devices is counter to our school's educational mission. Repeated studies and our own observations have repeatedly shown that cell phones distract students, lower their grades, increase bullying, and encourage theft. Therefore Hostos cell phone policy is:

    • Students in Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd Grade may not bring any cell phone or electronic device to the school.
    • Students in 4th grade and above who are bussed or dropped off and picked up should not bring any cell phone or electronic device to the school.
    • Students in 4th grade and above who walk to and from school may bring a cell phone to school. They may not bring any other electronic devices (video games, smart watches, music players, tablets, headphones, etc). Any student with a cell phone at school must follow the policy below:
      • Cell phones must be powered off and placed in students' bags before entering the building. Cell phones may not be kept in students' pockets.
      • Cell phones may not be used or displayed at any time during the school day (This includes but is not limited to: inside the school building, school playground during recess or fire drills, and during field trips.)

    Special Reminders for Parents:

    • The school will at no time be responsible for students personal property, including cell phones. Cell phones that are lost, damaged, or stolen at school are the exclusive responsibility of the student and their family.
    • Parents/guardians who need to reach students are to call the school's main office (914-376-8430) to get in touch with their child if necessary, and particularly in an emergency.
      • At no time should you call or text your child's cell phone during the school day.
      • At no time should your child call or text you from their cell phone during the school day. In the event they need to call you, they should do so from the main office.

    Confiscation and return of electronic items

    Should a student not abide by our cell phone policy, we will implement the following measures in a progressive manner fitting to the abuse of the policy:

    • Students can be given one warning per year if a phone is seen during the school day.
    • The first time a student is found to be using a cell phone in school it will be confiscated and returned at end of school day.
    • The second time a phone is seen or used at the school it will be confiscated and only returned following a parent conference.
    • Should the use or display of any electronic become a pattern the student's privilege of bring the device will be revoked.

    Thank you for your help in keeping our school community focused during the school day.