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Creating a Workstation at Home

  • During this closure, routines and schedules are thrown off for your child. The following is a way to help your child to follow a routine/schedule.

  • Workstation

     1. Create different color and/or shape icons by cutting construction paper

     2. Laminate or cover using clear packing tape.

     3. Place Velcro on the back.

     4. Cut a long rectangular piece of poster board and affix Velcro strip or Velcro pieces.

     5. Cut smaller rectangles from poster board for workstation boxes. Attach to workboxes with tape or Velcro.

     6. Place Velcro pieces on small workstation box rectangles for the shapes.

     7. Set up your child's workstation in a manner that works well in your home. Workboxes can be placed on a table or windowsill with the shape schedule taped on a nearby wall or table.

     8. Place work/activities/toys in each workbox and set up schedule as shown in photo.

     9. Assist your child in taking off the first/top shape and matching it to the correct workstation box. Assist your child in completing that task.

     10. Assist your child in taking the second shape and matching it to the next/correct workstation box. Assist your child until schedule/all workboxes are complete.