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  • Dear Parents, 

     I found this site/app that has a whole library of books to read.   It will even allow you to download some.   It won’t allow me to assign specific books.   It is great for browsing and finding reading material that your child may be interested in.  There are even some books on the topics we are and/or will be discussing.    Also, quite a few of the books have a read-aloud component.  I definitely think it is worth exploring! 


    From their site:  

    • Access to books: 3,500+ free books across 14 categories and 8 levels in a kid-friendly interface to practice daily with confidence. Download up to 10 books per profile in offline mode. 
    • Interactive help: In-app reading support includes real-time pronunciation feedback and word help such as definitions and translations. Keep track of daily reading practice times. 
    • Staying motivated: Personalized recommendations, unique game-like features, and books from kids’ favorite YouTube channels keep students excited and motivated to read. 


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    Have a great evening!!!


    Joe G