ENL Syllabus

  •           English as a New Language

    ENL Program

    The ENL program focuses on language acquisition.  Content area instruction is taught in English with ENL strategies and supports while students are learning the English language. ENL classes are taught by a certified ENL teacher.  Instruction may be integrated or stand-alone, and this instructional model depends on the child’s language proficiency level.

    Identification and Assessment

    When students enroll in school, families are required to complete the Home Language Survey.  If the survey indicates that a language other than English is used at home, the child must take a language proficiency test (NYSITELL). The NYSITELL will assess the child’s language and determine the appropriate services.  Language growth is assessed each year through the NYSESLAT. Students enrolled in the program are identified as English Language Learners (ELL) or Multilingual Learners (MLL).

    Language Proficiency Levels

    • Entering
    • Emerging
    • Transitioning
    • Expanding
    • Commanding

    If a student scores at the Commanding on the NYSESLAT they are considered proficient in the English language, and are no longer identified as an ELL.

    Class Expectations:

    1. Respect all ideas.
    2. Come prepared.
    3. Actively participate.
    4. Always try your best.

    Grading Policy

    ENL is not a graded course, however the ENL Teacher will collaborate and plan with the classroom teacher and give a suggested grade based on observations and work during our ENL sessions.


    Benchmark Advance is the Reading Language Arts Curriculum for students in grades K-6.  Instructional units focus on one topic, with many texts, to build up content knowledge.  Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are addressed in a balanced approach through differentiated instruction. Additional materials for English Learners are found in the English Language Development (ELD) component of Benchmark.  

     Curriculum Grades 7-8

    English language learners in grades 7-8 receive content area instruction with a focus on language development.  Students participate in learning activities based around New York’s Next Generation Learning Standards.  The ENL teacher will focus on the linguistic demand that is appropriate for the standard and the student’s language proficiency level.

    Contact Information

    Please contact me with any questions about your child and/or the ENL program. 

    (914) 376-8585 or aleong@yonkerspublicschools.org