• Carol Flores, MS, LCAT, Student Assistance Counselor (she/her)


    As the fulltime Student Assistance Counselor, I offer confidential individual and group counseling to students as well as facilitate schoolwide prevention activities and programs. I am available to parents for confidential consultation, resources and parent workshops. I work with all grades, 7th through 12th.  I implement Project SUCCESS within the school under the supervision of both Principal Hara and Student Assistance Services. For further information on Project SUCCESS please follow this link to the principal’s letter (add link here) and the agency website, www.sascorp.org


    I look forward to contributing to the wellbeing of the Barrack Obama School of Social Justice community throughout this school year!


    To contact me in Spanish or English, please reach out by:


    Phone: 914-376-8177 ext. 4191

    Email: cflores@yonkerspublicschools.org