Daily Schedule Picture Cards Resource

  • https://thisreadingmama.com/visual-school-schedule-free/

     *click on the above link and scroll down to the big blue box where it reads download the freebie.


    Dear Parents,


    Please use the link above to access picture cards that may be used to create a schedule board. You do not have to use every single picture card. You may download and print. This may help to eleviate the anxiety your child is feeling and reduce some behaviors by helping your child to visually see a routine posted up to help conduct and organize his/her day. 

     On Tuesday,9/7/20, we will spend time in the morning to have a meet and greet on Microsoft Teams.  This will give us time to address questions and get to know one another. As well, I am learning as we go and trying to become familiar with this new learning style. We're in this together and will try our best. 


    During the week I will try to accomplish some of these activities with your child. Links will be provided for you on Microsoft Teams. Eventually, as I get familiar with my students the schedule willl be individualized and other activities will be added. 


    Daily Schedule for the week of September 7-11th


    9-10     Class Community Meeting/Calendar


    10-11   Language Arts/Reading


    11-12   Lunch/Recess


    12-1     Math Skills


    1-2       Social Studies or Science



    Having a set schedule will help your child to know his/her expectations for the day. If you have any questions about setting up a daily schedule do not hesitate to contact me. 

  • Here is just an example.  You may set the day for your child that is conducive to your family's routine. Please download the picture cards and use it as a visual guide for your child to follow.


     Monday                               Tuesday                               Wednesday

      Breakfast                                Breakfast                                 Breakfast

      Calendar                                 Calendar                                  Calendar

      Phonics                                   Comprehension                      Phonics

      Writing                                    Social Studies                          Writing

      Therapy Session                    Exercise                                    Sight Words

      Lunch                                      Lunch                                        Lunch

      Recess                                     Recess                                      Recess

      Math                                        ADL Skill                                   Science 

      Computers                             Storytime                                 Math 

      Music Therapy                       Art Therapy                             Field Trip