Daily Assignment Instructions for Parents

  •             Good morning OT families. I have provided 3 levels of participation for each of the daily assignments. Please select the level which you feel is most appropriate for your child. When you are done, hang up your work for everyone to see! (be sure to let the glue dry first!)  You can take a picture of your work and send it to me at my school e-mail. I would love to see your child’s work! Please record your child's work on the attached Student Work Log.

    I will be providing daily assignments. Please pick the number of assignments to match your child’s OT weekly mandate. (OT 2times/week – complete 2 assignments/week). Of course you can do more if like, or less…whatever works for you and your child.

    Level 1:  Color the attached coloring page. Encourage your child to use a tripod grasp (2 fingers and thumb) on the crayon. Cut – help your child to cut around the shape, or follow a simple highlighted line. Have your child trace or copy their name and a few key letters or words from the activity. At this level, please use ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS.

    Level 2: Color the attached coloring page. Encourage your child to hold the crayon properly and to stay within the general borders. Cut the shape along simple lines. Have your child copy a few key words or phrases from the assignment. Have your child copy or write their name and date on their work.

    Level 3: Color the activity page with proper crayon grasp and attention to the borders. Cut the shape with attention to the edges. OR create your own puzzle by cutting the rectangular activity sheet into 4, 8, 12, 24, etc smaller pieces. Reassemble your “puzzle” and glue to another piece of paper. Copy or write 2-3 sentences about the day’s theme, or create your own sentences.

    Please contact me at MHolzer-Doerr@YonkersPublicSchools.org if you have questions or concerns about OT. Please give your children my love. I hope that you are all well, and look forward to seeing everyone back at our school.

    With best regards, Ms. Mary

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