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Degrees and Certifications:

NYS Permanent Cert. Social Studies 7-12 NYS Permanent Cert. Business Educ. All Grades NYS Talented and Gifted 7-12 NYS School Administration Degrees: PD School Administration MSEd, Multicultural Education BS, Business Administration, Finance

Mrs. Hoblock

Dear Students/Parents/Guardians:
I have two updates I want to share:
   *it is very important for students to complete all the assigned work. Incomplete or undone work negatively impacts their overall quarter mark and can cause a quarter failure.
   *On Monday, October 30th, I am beginning a new topic for the 8th grade. One of the assignments requires the students to watch a YouTube Video titled:  The Spanish-American War-Explained in 11 Minutes.  Imbedded in the video is a short advertisement for a downloadable war strategy game. I will emphatically tell the students they are NOT to download the game as it is not part of the requirements for the topic.  I would appreciate it if you could please keep an eye open to make sure they are not downloading it. 
This is the information necessary for my class and homework. Please read carefully:
   *PowerSchool is where you will have access to grades and assignments. Check my account often. Although not all assignments are on PowerSchool, students have daily access to my assignments. I review the upcoming work frequently and my Assignment Calendar is always in the front of my room on the chalkboard ledge.
   *I will  using Clever IXL to reinforce and review the topics covered during the year. Castle Learning will also be used for assignments and quizzes.  Both of these Programs are sponsored and supported by the District.
   *Students will be required to copy notes, be prepared with materials, be attentive and respectful, follow all school, class, and District guidelines, and positively participate in class.
   *Students will also be required to keep up with Current Events and submit assignments as stated. This is part of the homework/classwork grade.
The curriculum for Gr. 7 begins with Pre-History and moves along to the Civil War. I will also be back-filling any historical information necessary, so the students have a better understanding of the current curriculum material.
The curriculum for Gr. 8 refreshes your knowledge of the Civil War and moves to present-day History.
Mrs. Hoblock
  • The following are the supplies needed for Social Studies for both the 7th and 8th Grades:

       *3 Red Marble Notebooks (only 1 notebook needs to be brought to school at a time)

       *2 Red Folders

       *Red, Black, and regular Blue ink pens

       *Looseleaf paper (keep a small amount in your folder and replace as needed)

    Students are not allowed to use White Out and it should not be brought to class.

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  • Grs. 7 & 8 Substitute Assignments

    In the event of my absence students are to do the work assigned by me for that day. The work is expected to be completed as directed and will be graded accordingly. To make things run smoothly in my absence students will be assigned work to include:  work on required Social Studies IXL assignments, complete any definitions assigned, any topic questions assigned, or any work left with the administration or Middle School Team Teacher.   I will indicate what work is to be completed in my absence, students will not choose what they want to work on. 

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