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Ms. Hackett

My name is Ms. Hackett, and I  teach art classes to the children of our school grades Pre-K through 7th grade.  Throughout the year, we learn about different artists, styles, techniques, cultures from around the world, and the elements & principles of art.  We explore making art using a variety of media including colored pencils, markers, oil and chalk pastels, watercolor paints, tempera paints, collage, sculpture and printmaking.  My curriculum fosters artistic learning and development by adhering to the NYS Art Standards.  In art, my students learn to creatively communicate their ideas through imagery, have opportunities to independently problem-solve, and to work together in an art studio environment – all while having fun!


**INFO FOR SCHOOL CLOSURE PERIOD: For art activities and lessons for the extended school closure, please visit the Emergency Assignments tab.  I will be posting art activities for all students.  If you have comments or questions please feel free to email me at  I will be available to answer emails everyday between 9 am and 1 pm.  I would also LOVE to see pictures of any artwork your children are making at home **


FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: Please check back weekly for new art activities and lessons.  Encourage your child to spend some time each week (or even each day!) making art at home.  For many of the activities I post, just a pencil and paper will do, but if you have other art making materials your children may use those as well.  Making art at home will be a wonderful way for our students to explore ideas, relieve stress, and have fun during this unique and challenging time.  A goal for the amount of time your children spend making art per week is at least 30 minutes, since that is the length and frequency of our art classes.  However I ALWAYS encourage more! The activities I post will be easy to follow and enjoyable for your children to create, however they are always encouraged when they are done to create "free draws" as well (ask them, they know what I mean!)   As you create projects, I would love to see your work! If you are able to take a picture on your phone to email, please feel free to email them to me at  Or you may bring them into school to show me once we are back. Either way- be creative, and have fun! :)


FOR 7th GRADE STUDENTS: Just like the instructions for elementary students, I will be posting weekly art activities and assignments in the Emergency Assignments tab.  Please work on these with whatever supplies you have available at home.  I will also be posting artist biographies and art responses with instructions to complete.  Even though many of you may not have your sketchbooks at home, I encourage you to work on sketches that you can include once we come back to school.  I would love to see pictures of your work, so if you are able to take pictures and email please send it to me at; or you may bring them in to show me in person once we get back.  You are expected to be completing art work while you are home.  All work submitted in either form will be counted for a grade, so this is an excellent way to boost your overall Art grade.  Be creative and have fun! :)