• Dear School 16 Community,

    I hope everyone is doing well during this unusual series of events.  I know that we will all be in a different place at the conclusion.  Long distance learning will become second nature to us all.  We will have learned about new support systems.  We will appreciate the daily interaction of peers.


    Please explore the many learning opportunities available.  The teachers are posting messages daily whether it is on Class DOJO, REMIND or on this website.  Please stay in daily contact with your teachers.  This is a good opportunity to practice math facts, sight words and learn new vocabulary words.  It is a great time to read or re-read a book. 


    • Plan a daily schedule so that you stay on track. 
    • Set goals and aim to surpass those goals. 
    • Challenge yourself to learn something related to Science or Social Studies daily. 
    • Create your own math problems for paractice.
    • Write interesting essays using sophisticated vocabulary. 
    • Congratulate yourself as you accomplish your goals. 


    Look at this experience as preparation for life.  Remember you are being educated for positions that have not even been invented.  After this experience think how many new opportunities there will be for people in the work force. You may even be part of the solution.

    See you all soon,

    Warmest regards to all,

    Cynthia Eisner