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Mr. Wojehowski

4/1/2020 is in the Edulastic App found in Clever.  



****Assignment for 3/31/2020 is located in Castle Learning found in Clever.  The questions in this assignment come from Module 2 and 4. Try your best!***** 

*****The MATH assignment for 3/30/2020 can be found in Woot Math.   There are two assignments.  Have you child log into Clever and find my Clever page from their homepage.  They will see an App for Woot Math there.  If your child has questions about Module 5, Geometry, they can send me questions during the day. ************** 



****Students and parents... As of now, I will be available every morning from 8:30-10:30 and every afternoon from 1:15-2:30  for questions.  In most cases, I'll be around all day, however it may take me longer to respond outside my scheduled hours.  I am homeschooling a 5th grader myself.  Students can contact me through Microsoft Teams or Email. Parents can contact me via ClassDojo or Email.  Stay healthy and safe. 

Dear Sixth Grade Familes,


I hope you are all well. Over the last few days, I have been communicating with as many parents and students as possible. If you are not on ClassDojo(most of you are) I would need an email or phone number to add you. You could also download the ClassDojo app and find my class and send a request to be added. 

If your child is able to log onto their MicroSoft 365 account, I created a way for them to communicate directly with me. After logging in, have them select the teams app. They should be able to message me directly. 

I am working on creating videos to share with the children. Until then, continue to do work I have provided on Clever. There are assignments on Castle Learning, CommonLit, Sumdog, and Edulastic. 

If you need to contact me use ClassDojo or email at


Thank you,


Mr. W.