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Mr. Wojehowski


6/17/2020- I will going live at 11:30 am.  Information will be shared on Teams and Class Dojo.



6/12/2020-There are two assignments on Edulastic. One is addition and subtraction of integers and the other is multiplication and division of integers.  There are videos for those who missed the Zoom or need a brief review.


6/11/2020- Live at 1:30 if you can make it.  Assignment will follow.  I will add a video for anyone that can't make it.


6/9/2020-Boy and girls I need to head to school today.  I will put up an assignment for today.  I will go live Wednesday and Thursday.


6/5/2020-Assignment on Edulastic. Have a great weekend.


6/4/2020-6W at 12:30, 6R at 1:30, and 6F at 2:30.  Review assignment will follow.


6/3/2020- Meeting live today.  There will be only 2 meetings today! I have another meeting I must attend at 2 o'clock.  I will go live at 12 and 1.  Assignment will follow.


6/2/2020-Assignment on Castle Learning dated 6/1/2020.  I will be going live tomorrow for any student that can make it. 


6/1/2020-Check Clever for the assignment.


5/29/2020-I will hold a meeting at 12 and 1. Send me a message with the time you can attend if you can.  Check Clever for assignments.


5/28/2020- We are meeting todsy. 6W at 12:30, 6R at 1:30 and 6F at 2:30.  Assignment to follow.  It is okay if your child can not make it.  However, assignments still need to be completed.  There are two review assignments already posted for this week.  See below.  


5/27/2020- There is an assignment on Edulastic.  I will be going live tomorrow and possible Friday for students that can attend. 


5/26/2020-I will put an assignment on Woot Math for today.  I am going to the school so I will not be going live.  I will keep you posted on when I will go live this week.


5/22/2020- If your child was able to Zoom, there is an assignment on Edulastic.  If your child didn't make it and isn't sure how to solve the problems, there is an assignment on Castle Learning.


5/21/2020- 6W 12:30

                  6R 1:30

                  6F 2:30


I will work on an assignment for students that are unable to join.


5/20/2020-Volume assignment on Edulastic.  There is also a video on Khan Academy to help explain how to find volume if you missed yesterday's lesson.


5/19/2020- All three classes will be meeting today.

                  6W at 12:30.

                  6R at 1:30.

                  6F at 2:30.

An assignment will be posted after the meetings.

5/18/2020- Monday has been a low attendance day the last few weeks so I'm going to use today as a day for students to catch up with their work. I will add review assignment on Castle Learning for anyone that is already completed all the assignments. I will be going live with all 3 classes tomorrow.


5/15/2020- 6R and 6F have an assignment on Edulastic called Area of Trapezoids/Irregular Shapes.

                 6W will meet at 1:30.  Assignment will follow.



5/14/2020- 6R will meet at 1:30. Assignment will follow.

                  6F will meet at 2:30. Assignment will follow.

                  6W will meet tomorrow at 1:30.  Make the assignments posted for the week are completed.


5/13/2020- All classes have a new assignment in Edulastic.  I have meetings myself today, so I am pushing back the meetings a day.  6R and 6F will meet on Thursday and 6W will meet on Friday.  Info to follow.

5/12/2020- 6R and 6F, make sure you complete the assignment dated 5/11/2020 on Castle Learning.

                  6W will meet at 1:30 today.  I will send the information needed by noon.  


5/11/2020--6R has a meeting at 1:30.  You can wait until after the meeting to complete the Castle Learning assignment if you want.

                   6F has a meeting at 2:30.  You can wait until after the meeting to complete the Castle Learning assignment if you want.

                   6W will meet Tuesday at 1:30.  Assignment on Castle Learning.


5/8/2020- It was great seeing so many students on our video conference.  Today, I am going live with one of the three smaller groups to see how it goes.  Students in group one will receive the meeting details this morning.  If all goes well, students in groups 2 and 3 will meet on Monday.  If you do not receive meeting information for Friday, use today to catch up on any missed work from the week.  Have a great weekend. 

5/7/2020-Edulastic today....More Area problems.  Remember to use the correct formula for the shape you are finding area for. 

5/6/2020- I will be checking in on students in an online meeting. Please check Class Dojo for information.  I will touch base with more information on Wednesday.  Keep working on the geometry lessons provided.  Thank you!


5/5/2020- Assignment is in Edulastic. Area of triangles and Composite shapes. Remember, area of a triangle is equal to 1/2 times base times height.  Also, remember to have your parent check Class Dojo for the message I sent yesterday.


5/4/2020- Khan Academy.  Area of Composite figures. 


5/1/2020- Area of Triangles on Khan Academy today.  So far 50 students have signed up for Khan Academy.  If your child has not signed up yet, please have them do so.  Khan Academy can be found on my Clever page.  Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the weather! Stay healthy and safe.


4/30/2020- On my Clever page there are 3 links in today's assignment is.... Start with Khan Academy.  Area of Parallelograms. Watch the videos and complete the work.  Next, move onto Edulastic to complete problems about parallelograms.  The third link is some extra information I added if needed.   

4/29/2020- I need your student to select the Khan Academy application from my Clever page.  I need everyone to sign in so I can start giving assignments.  Today is a good day to catch up on any missed assignments.


4/28/2020- Edulastic for Tuesday.  


4/27/2020- Edulastic today.  Video coming soon.  Please have your child get on their email.


4/23/2020- Today can be used to make-up any missed assignments.  I will be around all day to answer questions.  If there are constructive response questions your child struggled answering, we can video conference on Microsoft Team to go over them.  Have a great weekend.  Stay healthy and safe.

4/22/2020- Constructive Response in Castle Learning. I will be on Teams to help with any questions your child may have.

4/21/2020- More constructive response questions on Castle Learning.  These questions are usually more difficult so I will be giving only 5 or 6.  Remind your child they must show work on the computer to receive credit.  Tell them the questions are like Day 2 questions from the online State Test. I will be around all day.

4/20/2020- Today's assignment is in Castle Learning. All the problems are constructive response.  This means the students must show work to receive credit.  The problems are worth either 2 or 3 points.  Your child is ALLOWED to use a CALCULATOR to solve these problems.  However, they must show their work, to the best of their ability, in the space provided.  I have moved all previous assigments in Castle Learning to a new folder called Previous Assignments.  If your child has not completed all Castle Learning assignments, he/she can find them there.  Finally, the Sumdog math competition is still going.  Please do some problems there as well! 


4/17/2020---FRIDAY---- The district is starting a week long contest on Sumdog.  The contest is called Who's got grit and determination in Yonkers Public Schools and all three 6th grade classes are entered.  For questions to count, the name of the contest must be in green on the left before clicking a game.  Sumdog is found in Clever.  Once in Sumdog, look for the contest button. Also, if you owe any assignments, the next few days can be used to catch up.  Send me a message to find out if your child is caught up.  The Freckle app did not work for everyone.  I will not post assignments there.  However, it is a good app to strengthen skills, so I will leave it on my Clever page.



4/16/2020- Freckle again today.  There is a pre-test that must be taken before the first lesson.  The pre-test allows Freckle to deveop questions on your child's level.  The more questions you child answers correctly, the more difficult the questions become.  Any questions???  I will be around all day.


4/15/2020- Something new today! It can be found on my Clever page. It is called Freckle, found in Clever. Any questions, just ask.

CLASS CODES for FRECKLE- There is a pre-assessment that must be completed first!






4/14/2020-Castle Learning for today. More students got on their email today! Thank you!

Area of a rectangle is length times width. A = l times w

Area of a parallelogram is base times height. A = b times h

Area of a triangle is one-half times base times height.  A = 1/2 times b times h


4/13/2020- Edulastic today! More students have been on their email but, there are still many who haven't logged in.  If your child can not get into their email, please call the Board @ 376-8000 to have the password reset.  Thank you and have a great day!


4/10/2020  I am going to use Friday, April 10th as a day of catch up.  Take an assignment or two you haven't completed and try to finish it up.  Also, work on getting into your email.  If your 8 digit birthday(MMDDYYYY) doesn't work, try your last password if your remember it.  If that doesn't work have a parent call the Board of Education at 376-8000 to have your EMAIL PASSWORD reset.  I will be around all day to answer any questions. Stay safe. THANK YOU for all your hard work.  THANK YOU to all the PARENTS for relaying messages to your chidlren.


4/9/2020 Castle Learning today.  I will be on Teams all day to answer any questions. 


4/8/2020 Today's assignment is in Edulastic.  4/8/2020 is the title.


4/7/2020 The assignment today is in Castle Learning.  I will be trying to connect live with each of my classes on 4/8/2020 in MicroSoft Teams. 


4/6/2020 The assignment for Monday, April 6 is in Edulastic.  This assignment focuses on important skills from Module 4.


4/3/2020----It's Friday! I want to thank everyone for their hard work.  Edulastic today.  Have a great weekend.


4/2/2020 I think we will be staying in Eduslatic for a few days.  I will slowly show new material and review the most important lessons of 6th grade.  I am available all day.  Your child can send me a message for help.  



4/1/2020 is in the Edulastic App found in Clever.  



****Assignment for 3/31/2020 is located in Castle Learning found in Clever.  The questions in this assignment come from Module 2 and 4. Try your best!***** 

*****The MATH assignment for 3/30/2020 can be found in Woot Math.   There are two assignments.  Have you child log into Clever and find my Clever page from their homepage.  They will see an App for Woot Math there.  If your child has questions about Module 5, Geometry, they can send me questions during the day. ************** 



****Students and parents... As of now, I will be available every morning from 8:30-10:30 and every afternoon from 1:15-2:30  for questions.  In most cases, I'll be around all day, however it may take me longer to respond outside my scheduled hours.  I am homeschooling a 5th grader myself.  Students can contact me through Microsoft Teams or Email. Parents can contact me via ClassDojo or Email.  Stay healthy and safe. 

Dear Sixth Grade Familes,


I hope you are all well. Over the last few days, I have been communicating with as many parents and students as possible. If you are not on ClassDojo(most of you are) I would need an email or phone number to add you. You could also download the ClassDojo app and find my class and send a request to be added. 

If your child is able to log onto their MicroSoft 365 account, I created a way for them to communicate directly with me. After logging in, have them select the teams app. They should be able to message me directly. 

I am working on creating videos to share with the children. Until then, continue to do work I have provided on Clever. There are assignments on Castle Learning, CommonLit, Sumdog, and Edulastic. 

If you need to contact me use ClassDojo or email at


Thank you,


Mr. W.