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Mrs. Kennedy & Ms. Guzman

     Welcome back to my 5th and 6th grade families and a special welcome to my new 4th grade families!   This is not the school year we imagined, but I hope to make it a memorable one. As hybrid learning starts on October 5, 2020, I am asking all students to sign into Clever and check their morning announcement and access their workplan.  I am also asking each student to attend their daily virtual meetings on Microsoft Teams starting at 9:30 daily @ Daily Microsoft Teams Meeting. They can also sign on to TEAMS via the Microsoft Office App using the Clever Link.  They can also see the Teams Meeting calendar reminder in the top right corner of the screen and can click that to join.  I know many of you and your children are familiar with this from last year. However, if you need a refresher course,  I have attached directions for helping your child access their email to this webpage under Computer Passwords and Log in information. They also appear on my Clever Home Page. 

     Please let me know if you are having technical difficulties. I will be able to help you.  If you cannot get in touch with me, please call the technology help desk @ (914) 376-8637.

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Make sure your child has a computer/laptop/ or tablet with an internet connection, a camera, and a speaker. They may need headphones if there is background noise. If your child is using an iPad, you will not be able to access all of the features of TEAMS and some of the applications assigned.
  • Have your child log into their Clever account using their 6-digit id @yonkerspublicschools.org . Your child’s password is their birthdate in numeric form: MM/DD/YYYY. (Same Password for Microsoft 365)
  • Once on Clever, your child has access to Microsoft Office 365. On Microsoft 365, your child can access their email account and the Teams application.
  • Your child should have the proper school supplies to attend remote and in-person learning.
  • Remind your child to check their email before each meeting to accept their invitation. They can join through their email or on Teams.
  • If you or your child does not know or remember their 6 digit ID number, please email me asap so I can provide it to you.
  • Your child needs to have their camera on once they turn on their device.
  • If you still need an electronic device and have not contacted me already, please let me know as soon as possible.
  • This week we will begin to use our Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, and Sixth Grade Teams as we begin lessons geared toward specific grade levels at a time.

For additional instructions on how to log into TEAMS and other applications, check out The Electronic Learning Page on Montessori 31's website: Instructional Videos for current applications - TEAMS etc.

     Feel free to reach out with questions.  I am sure you all have many questions as do I.  I want to thank you in advance for your patience, understanding, and flexibility, as plans are subject to change from day-to-day.    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at mkennedy@yonkerspublicschools.org