All parts of Microsoft Teams are to be used for Educational Purposes Only

  • Please note that students should not be making personal calls or chats (texts) on Microsoft Teams.

    Though Microsoft Teams is provided by the school district, calls and chats placed from one student to another do not involve teachers. This means the call is not monitored. There is no way for our school to turn off this aspect of the application, so we need your cooperation while your child is at home.

    If your child receives a personal call or chat while at home from someone who is not a teacher, even if it is a friend, please advise your child to follow this rule. They should not answer the call or respond to the chat (text.) They should also let you know about it. Microsoft Teams should be used by the students for schoolwork and teacher to student or guardian communication only.

    Please watch the video below to learn more about Digital Etiquette.